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Shrink O'Matic 2.0

Shrink O Matic is a nice little Adobe AIR application

Shrink O Matic is a nice little Adobe AIR application. As you may well know, Adobe AIR is among the hottest development platforms these days. It allows developers to create applications that are complete, accessible and compatible with lots of operative systems. Shrink O Matic is a nice graphics editing application for those who need to resize pictures. This does not mean that the resolution of the image will be decreased. Instead, the application will compress your image so that it is smaller in size. It supports the batch resizing of pictures of both JPEG and PNG formats. Shrink O Matic allows you to also decrease the size of pictures so that they can be smaller, but the recommended approach is to simply use compression. At least that is what I do, and I get impressive results. A 1.5 megabyte file can be reduced to 150 kilobytes in seconds, and with no apparent quality loss. One nice touch added to this application is the addition of a drag and drop zone, where you can drop all the pictures that you want resized. I have attached 3 screenshots. The first one shows the GUI, the second one shows the file names of the converted file next to the original. The W and H letters stand for Height and Width. The third picture is an image resized from 1.5 mbs to 150kbs.

José Fernández
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